The Approach

Better understand where you are today to build a more successful tomorrow

We deliver insights into your business, starting with interviews of your business leaders over a two to three week period. We use the answers to fit industry standard measures, customized to your organization, as well as build a narrative that accurately represents the general sentiment of how the company operates.

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What you get

Qualitative and Quantitative Measurements

We work with you to deliver a detailed view of your organization from the following perspectives

  • Business

  • IT & Business Alignment

  • IT Execution

Quantitative Scorecard that outlines where you are today and where your organization should aim to be

Actionable Recommendations

We evaluate and recommend a path forward that fixes challenges in IT governance, cyber security, core systems and IT strategy as well as technology strategy for all other departments.

We help organize and vet a vision for the future that’s right for you. All our recommendations are mapped to expected outcomes, so you can choose the effects of your actions.

The People Factor

Your strategy relies on your people to rally behind it and execute the organization’s mission.

For your initiatives to succeed, you need honest insights into how your employees and customers feel about your organization’s path.


Why Logic Point

We deliver unbiased expert advice focused through the lens of experience

No recent MBA grads interviewing your executives here. Our assessments are led by experienced industry executives with deep knowledge of the industry as well as organizational management

We’re here to serve your interests. We’re not aligned to any software firms, so no ulterior motives or hidden agendas.

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