Data Sherpa™ Pre-Climb Checklist

Fixed Scope Offerings to help you get value TODAY


Rapid Data Quality Assessment

Is your data ready for your transformation? 

Our fixed price assessment gives you insight into the data quality as well as the data practices across your organization. It points out common issues and practices that cost you time, effort and money every day. 



Downsize your Database

Your SAP Database is filled with data that no one's using. 

We send experts familiar with industry-focused technologies to assess and recommend archiving and storage options. This lets you speed up your system performance and simplify your  data migrations.



System Optimization Assessment

Are you getting true value from your technology investments?

You've been through multiple transformations - clean up the crap! Benchmark and optimize your systems to realize better performance in days. This fixed price/scope offering helps you achieve quick wins on day one.



Design Thinking for Data Initiatives

Are you making the right calls while trying to solve your data challenges?

Use Design Thinking to explore, ideate and build consensus on the best path forward for your data. In this workshop our experts will enable your key stakeholders and affected resources to work as a creative force to attack this problem.