Logic Point's Acclimate & SupportTM support model delivers affordable, high performance managed services utilizing using a high-skill nearshore approach

Your old offshore model may be cheap, but does it work as well as you need it to?

There is a different approach to how enterprises can be supported with only what’s needed. We aim to bring back personalization, first call resolution, communication, education, ticket avoidance, and reporting for continuous performance improvement.

We do this using a hybrid nearshore model that delivers high quality support, from highly experienced resources in your timezone.


Hybrid On-site, NEARSHORE and OFFSHORE Model.

Our delivery managers triage support activities to delivery centers that deliver the right-impact resolutions to your problems.

South America: Our delivery centers in South America handle your critical customer and business systems support.

India: We rely on our India Center Of Excellence to support more routine support tasks to manage your costs.

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The Logic Point Difference


Managed Services TAILORED to you

We scale with your technology investments. We offer access to a vast global network of resources as well as an innovative support management framework to solve your IT challenges faster, while lowering effort from your employees.

In addition, we give you Advisory Hours to improve IT and Business Alignment, discounted assessments and roadmapping engagements as well as access to a broad global network of experts


Our support is delivered by Senior Level (15+ years) Consultants with Low Turnover - you can expect knowledgeable experts delivering faster issue resolution. We also have access to global support partners, scaling to solve complex challenges with new technology solutions.

Don’t hire the cheapest guy to help you climb Everest - you want the Sherpa with the most experience.


Logic Point offers a easy to access, omni-channel support, with dedicated contacts to get your issues resolved faster.

Our simplified governance framework offer you a better way to manage the service with dedicated service managers, faster reporting and the flexibility to reallocate resources to the right tasks.

In addition, we rely on proactive improvements to reduce incidents, focus on Ticket Avoidance and recommend automation strategies to exceed SLAs.

Doing the Math: High-Skill Nearshore Support makes sense

Our approach enables your organization to save time and money, so you can spend your valuable resources serving your customers, not waiting for fixes

We do this be delivering the following:

  1. Faster Resolution: We find that our near-shore resources frequently diagnose and resolve incidence three times faster than traditional AMS systems.

  2. No more waiting: Our response times are identical to having a US-based support team. And it’s still cheaper than having a dedicated on-site support team for every technology that you run.

  3. Better Knowledge Transfer: Having senior resources ramp up on your systems in your time zone means your systems are better understood and your transition costs are lower.

  4. Ticket Avoidance: Our approach focuses on reducing the number of tickets that support is used for. We use root cause analysis, a well documented knowledge base and automation strategies to reduce your time spent relying on support.