Designed to deliver value to the Industry C-suite

What if we partnered Industry Executives with Technologists to guide transformation?

Markets are getting more competitive. Companies are being forced to innovate - and many organizations haven't built a culture that adapts. The organization of the future needs to understand how technology can enable people to succeed. After all, technology is not the outcome - it's how people use it to serve your customers that matters. 

Logic Point's Digital Advisors are focused on helping your organization look past your operational problems and focus on the strategic issues. We want to help guide your next ten years of change, not the next ten months.

Digital Office

“Central Office to govern Digital Transformation”

Dedicated operating group - accountable for designing and driving business transformation across the organization

  • Identify high-value opportunities and prioritize through data driven business case development

  • Manage the digital portfolio for outcomes, not implementations

  • Measure ROI performance; report and adjust

Data as a Strategy

“Quality Data is the Critical Path for Digital Progress”

Strategy and execution to realize Data as an Asset across the enterprise

  • Ideate, Roadmap - through design thinking and building consensus

  • Consult, Guide, Design – Trusted advice and guidance to drive data quality and governance

  • Execute – Organizational Change - managed and delivered

Tailored Executive Support

Our Hindsight is your Foresight

Find the right support for executive decision making during transformations

  • Capability and Capacity to ensure progress

  • Reduce Risk and exposure through qualified advice

  • Measure & Adapt – Pick the right KPIs and Metrics


A design-led consensus-driven approach to innovation

Our engagements are scoped with Design Thinking as an approach. We don't dictate the solution to the problem, we facilitate it through consensus and stakeholder buy in. 


Our engagements are led by former industry executives - we help guide you through your transformation with years of experience. Let our hindsight be your foresight.


Our Approach

Experience & Talent

  • Vast Network of Executive Problem Solvers

  • Core Business & Technology Expertise

  • Industry Partnerships

Applied Judiciously

  • People & Innovation focus

  • Delivered with Design thinking

  • Work with what you have


  • Data/Systems-Driven KPIs & Metrics

  • Outcomes-focused