The problem

You've decided to undertake a transformation journey. You've gone through the RFP process, and signed a work agreement. As the implementation process proceeds, you realize that your data isn't ready. There's no clear ownership or assessment of data readiness. You don't know who owns the data and who's responsible for cleansing, archiving or even signing off on data quality.

You realize that this pushes your already tight timeline, driving up costs and stressing your already tight resource constraints.

Does this sound familiar?

The #1 reason why implementations and upgrades fail is Bad Data

A good data strategy can be hard to come by. Most organizations do not have data readiness aligned with best practices. Partners often don't assume the risk of cleaning up data, and don't include a robust data strategy into the implementation. 

It gets hard to avoid the "Garbage in, Garbage out" Trap. 

So, what's right for you?

We can't tell you that.... yet.

But what we can do is help you by showing you what our Data Sherpa tool is capable of. Take our Data Sherpa Assessment with a sample of your data. We can deliver a snapshot of insights that can help you build a good data strategy. 

We want to help you take the guesswork out of the game. We want to deliver....

Safe Passage on your Journey

Data Sherpa keeps it SIMPLE while guiding you, sharing the load, and giving you advance warning of pitfalls while you embark on the transformation. You can focus on the big picture while we sweat the details.

Why use Data Sherpa for your migration?

At Logic Point we support our clients data migration needs in traditional and non-traditional ways:

Get it done right, and keep it clean: We will not just assess your data quality, but we will take steps to correct it and keep it clean.  Either mechanically or manually we will get your data right.

Data and technical security: Data Privacy is of paramount importance to you, and to us.  We keep all your data onshore and provide full security and data protections around your data at all times. 

Experience and Expertise at your disposal: Our technical teams are SAP specialists and data domain savvy.  We have been trained in our methodology and will ensure your team gets trained as well..  

Accountable for success: Our Project Managers will guide you through the methodology and keep the entire team on track.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with the data part of your transformation--->

Is your data truly ready for your migration journey?

Get a data readiness assessment for free. Take the Data Sherpa Migration Readiness test.

We will perform a quantitative assessments of your risk and offer readiness advice as well as key areas where we can add value.

Contact us at the form below and we'll help you understand your risk scores.

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