Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

Logic Point COO, and former industrial CIO, Paul Theisen has a simple philosophy for successful transformation learned from piloting airplanes. 


Industrial executives now understand that their firms are now in the information business, across all lines, and therefore need a trusted advisor with depth and experience, to help convert assets to analytics. Industrial firms need a twenty-first century navigator to chart the digital course, map the waypoints along the route, and maintain altitude and airspeed until the destination is reached. Logic Point was designed from the ground up for this purpose; to help transform industrials to achieve their own digital dominance.

I am an aviator. I love aviation for many reasons, but one reason in particular is the opportunity to manipulate a group of interrelated constraints, with purpose and precision, that will, if skillfully executed, not only optimize limited resources, but preserve your very life in the process! We have a saying in aviation, which we employ to remind us how to think during times of high-stress or unexpected circumstances – “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” – in that order.


Focus on the fundamentals first and foremost – keep everything running smoothly



Think ahead and plot your next course of action, utilizing all the tools and resources available.



Inform the outside world what your intentions are.


Nothing else matters if you fail to accomplish #1 -  keep it flying. If you succeed, focus on #2 – plot your next course of action and #3 - tell the world what you intend to do for them!