Industry Perspective

"The future of utility asset maintenance is prescriptive" (3 years later)


Spencer Brown, CEO of Logic Point on what's changed in the three years since this article was written.


3 years ago, I wrote an article in the Electric Light and Power magazine predicting how IoT would change the way asset intensive industries would operate in the field. While adoption has been slow, there has since been an explosion of activity - new players, platforms, and new offerings provide many exciting options. Machine learning advances have led to increased "IoT edge processing" - driving more decisions within these IoT devices.

While the original article was focused on asset operational management, the advancements in processing and accessibility of data is driving new value through convergence with customer interaction.

Major players have entered the market to rapidly change the journey from data decision to intelligent automation. A few examples are Intel's network solutions for Smart Cities and Energy, GE's Predix partnerships with Apple handhelds and Microsoft Azure and penetrations in the generation industry, or SAP's Leonardo platform which begins to make IT and OT truly seamless. This is an exciting time with so much technology evolving so quickly, we only seem to be limited by our imagination in how to apply it.