Harvesting Efficiency, Customer Experience and Revenue Growth in a forecasted Down-cycle

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any path with get you there”

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any path with get you there”

LP recently completed a Current Situation & Options Assessment for a forward-thinking, industry-leading firm specializing in commercial fire safety infrastructure. 

As with most companies in the throes of rapid growth, our client experienced challenges with operational and IT roadblocks along their ascent. In addition, the market forecast for growth in their current money maker predicted a downturn. With an imperative to adapt, the firm decided to expand to a hitherto untapped market driven by revenue in services. To navigate the new direction effectively, the firm engaged Logic Point to help them understand where they are today as well as how to prepare for tomorrow.

With Logic Point’s accelerated, yet in-depth methodology, we helped the client identify crucial intelligence on their enterprise by taking a 360 degree view of the business internally and externally.  The result is a large set of objective, timely, insightful and valuable evidence to drive decision-support across company-wide initiatives.

In three weeks, by utilizing our top talent (from Logic Point’s Executive Advisory Network) and expertly curated assessment tools,  

  1. We evaluated organizational progress toward current strategies and objectives, and documented capabilities gaps affecting their attainment and sustainment. 

  2. We revealed a comprehensive view of current-state IT Alignment and IT Execution capabilities, their corresponding performance results, and related risks and threats. 

  3. We established a fit/gap to best-practice, targeted capabilities, designed to attain and sustain pivotal strategies and key objectives. 

  4. We delivered a detailed, final assessment report filled with observations and prioritized recommendations from the Business View, IT Alignment View and IT Execution View. 

  5. We recommended two key changes to business strategy, based on technology opportunities and marketplace constraints. 

  6. We recommended 5 Pivotal Strategies, with Action Plans, designed to shore-up capabilities, fix service-provisioning, strengthen service-level durability, industrialize key customer experience processes and tools, and harvest new revenue opportunities to offset forecasted down-turns and mobilize net-new organic growth. 


Our Advisory Practice.

Our rapid Situation & Options Analysis Offering

Paul Theisen, COO & Managing Director of the Advisory Practice

“Way more than we expected!” 
—  Feedback from our client