CIOReview: Logic Point is one of 2018's most promising SAP solution providers


It's here. CIOReview has published profiles of 2018's most promising SAP Solution Providers and Logic Point is on that list.

Paul Theisen, Logic Point's COO (and former industry CIO), talks candidly about what makes Logic Point different, the importance of a strong data foundation for any enterprise transformation and the value of executive advisory from industry veterans.

Here are some quotes from the article that explain Logic Point's philosophy for taking our customers from vision to value.

Instead of just upping our monthly numbers we are shifting the focus back to the customer. We are led by an outcomes-driven approach that is agile by design, underpinned by a fair and cost-effective pricing structure when compared to other alternatives in the market
— Spencer Brown, CEO, on why we started Logic Point

While it’s a combination of things that carries us into the foreseeable future, through it all we are laser focused to develop our competency, align with only those customers who genuinely need what we have to offer, and delivering rock-solid success for them
— Spencer Brown on our plan for the future