We are Digital Sherpas

Sherpas are elite mountaineers and guides to early expeditions to the Himalayas. Known for being resourceful, brave and hardy, Sherpas have safely guided many expeditions to the tallest and most dangerous mountains.

The team at Logic Point was formed to provide safe passage to our clients and partners. We've built Digital Sherpa, a suite of tools and methodware that will guide you through your transformation journey. We will offer expert advice, early warning and a commitment to the success of your initiatives.

Founded in 2001, Logic Point was one of the first partners of SAP America in the Utilities Market. 

In 2018, Logic Point refocused on building transformative value for asset-heavy industries. 

Technology is evolving faster than most businesses can adapt. New products are entering the marketplace every day, digital technologies are maturing and the old guard is facing obsolescence. There's never been a time that offers more choice and flexibility in defining your organization's technology backbone. 

Logic Point is focused on helping organizations realize the true value of going digital. We've put together a team of technology and industry experts led by executives that have walked in your shoes to achieve our mission.

Our goals are clear:

1. Prepare your data for your digital evolution

2. Build a smarter digital core using industry-leading SAP S/4HANA

3. Augment and automate business processes using the cloud and intelligence


we are Agile by Design

Value not Milestones

Focused on User Experience

We're highly focused on doing fewer things extremely well. 

Our focus is on creating value for you not quarterly revenue target. 

We want  your teams to be happy using what we deliver. We listen and design to enable the user.


Executive attention

Our A-team, every time.


No sales executives who disappear once the project's sold. Our team is committed to deliver what your organization needs no matter what.

Your projects aren't training grounds for our new hires. You're getting years of experience and industry-leading expertise in every project when you engage our teams.


Industry Focus

Logic Point is focused on key asset intensive industries. All our experts are chosen because they understand the complexities of customer and asset data enabling your operations





Oil & Gas    

Oil & Gas


Power & Utilities

Power & Utilities

Natural Resources

Natural Resources