Logic Point is a digital foundations company focused on delivering software and solutions to drive successful transformations.


We're delivering projects using a blend of modern technology skills and traditional consulting values. Our team brings decades of industry experience that offers better value to both clients and our consulting partners. 

We offer a set of tools, called Digital Sherpa to help you solve common implementation challenges involving data and migrations. Like its name suggests, Digital Sherpa offers safe passage on your transformation journey.

Our delivery guarantee


We focus on sweating the little things so you don’t have to

The right tools to ensure speed & accuracy, with minimum risk


We will finish strong and deliver on our promise

Flexible pricing models with no surprises


Data Management

Bad data makes your day to day life hard, and makes a poor foundation for your digital transformation. Your data challenges often transcend multiple functional areas, systems of record as well as many prior and on-going projects. 

Our experts use our Data Sherpa suite of tools and solutions to help you simplify your data. Our team has experience with industry solutions - your data is in safe hands.


Digital Advisory

What do you get when we team up a veteran industry executive with a digital technology expert ?

An advisory dream team designed to help you solve any transformation challenge. With the disruptive power of design thinking, years of expertise in your industry and the technology expertise to drive value, our Digital Sherpas can provide you safe passage through your transformation.



Are you finding the right team for your challenges? Our team has a network of proven experts in technology and industry. We thoroughly vet our resources to find the best and brightest - we can help find the right people to help solve your unique challenges.


Data Sherpa™

Data Sherpa™ is a suite of software, services and accelerators designed to accelerate data management for companies - before, during and after transformations in the asset intensive industry. We do the heavy lifting of the data - you focus on your transformation.


Design Thinking for Business Innovation

We’re using Design Thinking to solve business challenges at all levels of your enterprise. We focus on enabling customers to build consensus around aligning the organization’s vision with your spend.